The Magic World
The Magic World

Hotema tells a private story about himself that he has never before told in his writings. Contents: Magic Intelligence, Magic World, Magic Esotericism, Magic and Mystery, Magic Creation, Magic Message, Magic Spirit, Magic Kingdom, Magic Wires, Magic Sensology, Magic Chambers, … Continued

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Queens Egypt
The Queens Of Egypt

Queens Egypt: The history of Ancient Egypt is full of surprises for the modern investigator. Its extraordinary culture, the high standard of its arts, breadth of its philosophies, perfection of its mechanical skill and brilliancy of its conquests, make up … Continued

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Oldest Book World
The Oldest Book In The World

Oldest Book World: We present to the reader in the following work at its beginning, a  series of every archaic Egyptian writings, in translation, of much importance to a knowledge of early religious and philosophic thought, also of good manners … Continued

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Thoth The Hermes Of Egypt

Thoth Hermes Egypt: As the “All-knowing Thoth had a particularly complete Knowledge of Egypt: This is expressed in one of the most familiar of his Ptolemaic titles, “He that knows the “Two Lands” Thoth, himself all-knowing, is the source of … Continued

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